Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary! Creative Crunchy Mama Blog!

I can hardly believe that my blog is now 1 year old! I had been wanting to start my blog for years and finally just did it. Sometimes you have to stop wishing, hoping and dreaming and just DO it. I am so thankful to have this outlet to share with others the information that I have found. The topics that I talk about on my blog are often random but they are bits and pieces of my life that make me a Creative Crunchy Mama. Some things are deep morals and beliefs, and some are lighthearted tips and advice.

My passion in life is to be the best Mother, Wife, and ME that I can be. To live naturally and do what I feel is the right decision for all aspects of my life. I can only hope that if this blog has made a positive difference in someones life that I have served my purpose for all the time and energy that I have put into what is creativecrunchymama blog.

Here is to another wonderful year!

What are some things you would love for me to blog about? Any questions? Or advice you'd like? Leave a comment below and I'll make sure to feature it in my blog!

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