Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pick-Your-Own Blueberries!

Talk about being frugal, where else can you get organic blueberries for just $2.50 lb? We recently took a trip to a local farm that offers pick-your-own blueberries. I'd been wanting to load up on a bunch of blueberries at a great price so that I could freeze a bunch for future use. It is the end of July and blueberries typically start to shrivel away by now, but I called the local farm, and the lady there said I could come by as long as she was there. It was overcast today, so I decided it was the perfect and possibly last time to get local blueberries this year. It was great, and there were still plenty left... in one hour the kids and I managed to pick 7 lbs of blueberries! Despite the fact that my youngest tripped and spilled about 1/2 lb of blueberries, and the fussing from getting a few ant bites (always make sure to wear sneakers, because ants love blueberries too!) We paid just $16, for local organic blueberries, what a deal, and boy are they tastey.

Now I have plenty of fresh blueberries to enjoy this week, and I rinsed and froze the rest. Rinse them (I did 2 times) then spread one layer of blueberries on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels (so they don't stick to the pan) freeze them, then you can toss them all in a bag. Frozen blueberries are a tastey treat right out of the bag, or you can use them to bake with.

Want to know where to go to find local pick-your-own farms? Check out


  1. Where did you go to pick blueberries? If there are any still around I'd love to take my kids.

  2. We picked blueberries at Peaceful Meadows Farm, they are located in Marshville, NC. Blueberry picking season typically ends mid-July.

    However Apple picking season should be coming up soon. I've heard good things about Skytop Orchards, it's in the NC mountains. If you want to find places to pick your own produce check out and always call ahead to make sure they are open and that the produce is still in season. Happy Picking:)

  3. thanks for the link! []


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