Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reduce Paper waste, Increase Savings

The amount of paper products that are used are astonishing. From printer paper to tissue, toilet paper, and paper towels, napkins...we use so much. I know that I am guilty of this too. We easily go through 4-5 rolls of paper towels in a week, and that adds up to almost $200 a year! But isn't there a solution to consuming so many paper products? Of course!

Using cloth is a great way to cut down on trash, as well as cost!

You could buy kitchen washclothes, cloth napkins, and kitchen towels. This is certainly more cost effective and better for the environment than disposable. Don't get me wrong, I certainly have a few nicer towels, and washclothes but...

If you are really cheap like me, make your own, for free! Don't throw away those old towels, reuse them and give them new life. Get an old towel, and cut it into small squares to use, I like to cut myn in about 8"x8" squares. These little rags are great for wiping down the kitchen counters, table, or even cleaning in the bathroom.Need something that is good for dusting? I'm sure you have an old t-shirt laying around. This is a nice soft material that is perfect for dusting and can be cut into small squares too.
I especially like to have alot of these on hand so the kids can help me clean. They can grab a damp rag and help wipe down the baseboards, window seals etc. I have a drawer in the kitchen dedicated to all of my washclothes, towels and dust rags. So, repurpose some of your old towels and shirts, you might even be able to encourage your little ones help you clean. ;)

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