Monday, February 28, 2011

My Creative Kettlebell...

... Or ghetto kettlebell, you be the judge;)

My sister has used a kettlebell to workout with for a while now, and a good friend of myn recently raved about them too. So I looked up online where to buy one... I know I'm cheap, but I didn't want to invest in a kettlebell right away without even trying it out yet. The price starts around $30 for one, and goes up from there. I got to thinking... could I use something at home as a kettlebell?

Or make my own?

I don't want anything cheaply constructed in fear it might fling across the room during my first attempt to use it! LOL.

I've used kids on my back during push ups...and canned goods for handweights...I have it! Use a milk jug! Just rinse it out when your done and fill it with water. Or you could just buy a gallon of water, it's usually less than $1! Although it's lighter than the 15 lb. kettlebell, at least this will give you a general idea of what a kettlebell is like before blowing your money on one. If you want a heavier version, I'm sure you could fill it with sand... haven't tried it yet, so someone else will have to be the guniea pig ;) O- and make sure the lid is sealed up... either tape it, or hot glue it on... just in case. I'm sure water or sand spewing across the room wouldn't go well with your decor.

I went on youtube and found some really great basic workouts. Here is a 6 minute workout using the kettlebell... you can really feel the burn! lol.
Minute Kettle Bell Workout

My only word of caution is not to use the water jugs to often, I've used it a few times and can feel my hands are a bit sore from where it rubbed the inside of the handle. So after the first try or two, if you still like it, maybe it's time to buy a real kettlebell;)

Here's to working out on a budget!

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