Monday, February 21, 2011

Baking Day!

I try to bake regularly so I can make a batch or two of muffins, breads, pancakes and other snacks, but sometimes I just never get around to it. So that is when a baking day comes in handy! On a slow day when I don't have much to do, I schedule in a baking day, and yes I have to write it on my calendar, lol. You can spend as much or as little time in the kitchen as you like, yesterday I baked 4 dozen muffins and spent about 2 hours in the kitchen with prep, baking and cleanup. However I could have probably doubled the amount of muffins I made with just a bit longer in the kitchen. You might as well make alot while all of your baking pans, and measuring cups are out, and the mixer is on the counter, ya know?

The benefits of planning a baking day is that you can bake a lot of food on a day that's pretty slow, and then have snacks on hand for those days that are extra hectic! We love muffins for breakfast, and for snacks paired with some fruit. I keep some of the muffins in the fridge, and package the others in freezer bags in the freezer to store until' I need them. Then I just thaw them and go!

Carrot Muffins
Here are some baking tips that might come in handy:
  • Replace oils and butter with homemade applesauce
  • Add a banana for a bit of sweetness, and reduce the amount of sugar
  • Add raisins to add sweetness to your muffins
  • Use honey as a sweetner instead of sugar
Here are a few of my muffin recipes, they can also be baked as loaves, just cook longer:

Carrot Muffin Recipe

Vegan Banana Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Now schedule in your baking day so your family can enjoy homemade baked goods too! Happy Baking! :)

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