Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raw Food Recipe: Apple Chips and Mango Salsa

Over 2 1/2 years ago, after researching high and low for the ultimate health food, I finally stumbled on "Raw Food". Raw food basically consists of a vegan diet, and all eaten raw, living... and not cooked. I felt like I had found a hidden treasure, why didn't I know about this amazing raw food diet sooner? The health benefits are astounding. I tried raw food out and I was blown away. I had never felt lighter, and more energized in my life. I didn't have that heavy tired feeling that I felt when I ate cooked and processed food, I was amazed.

Unfortunately it can be pretty hard to untrain a lifetime of eating habits, and I slowly fell back into my old routine. Although I eat pretty healthy in comparison to the "food pyramid" (which by the way should be totally re-vamped) I want to have the raw food feeling I did before. I think just like anything, you have to take it one step at a time, and learn one recipe and slowly build on it, until' it's second nature.

Apple Chips and Mango Salsa
I checked out some raw food books recently and have been really inspired. Today I made some Apple Chips and Mango Salsa for the kids and I. They devoured it nearly as quickly as I did! Make the food fun and interesting and it's so much more exciting and delicious to eat.

Apple Chips:
Slice Apples into chip size pieces

Mango Salsa:
Dice a ripe mango, and ripe banana. Drizzle with a bit of raw local honey, and a dash of cinnamon. Serve over apple chips.


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  1. Love the apple mango recipe! We have done a lot of peaches and honey too. It is great alternative to junk food!


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