Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All this for just...

Here are some items from 2 different trips to Harris Teeter this week during their super doubles event. I was able to get all of these items for just $6.82+tax which is great because that is about the same I'd pay for just 2 of the Almond Milk normally priced!

TLC cookies $2.50- $1 coupon= $.50
Kiss my Face toothpaste $3.49- $1.50coupon= $.49 each
Organic Valley Cream Cheese $2.59-$1 coupon= $.59 each
Organic Valley Whip Cream $2.35- $1 coupon= $.35 each
Oikos greek yogurt $1.89- $1 coupon= Free
Almond Breeze Milk $2.99-$1 coupon= $.99 each

 When you're out shopping, keep your eyes open for coupons throughout the store, you'll be surprised by how many there are. My kids love to help me find "tickets".  The Oikos coupon was on a big board that looks like a penguin that was full of coupons near the dairy section a few months ago. I saved them and used them at the right time to get the yogurt for free!

So what were you able to get during Harris Teeter's super doubles? Post your great finds:)

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