Monday, August 2, 2010

Kids Eat FREE at Earthfare

There's nothing better than grabbing a bite to eat while out and about, especially when your kids eat for free. It's even better when you know you are eating high quality food, that's delicious and nutritious.

Did you know that kids can eat for free at Earthfare? Thursday nights from 4pm-8pm and with the purchase of an adult meal of $5 or more. For those of you with large families this is really great because for each adult meal you purchase can get up to 6 free kids meals. It's really a great deal!

I brought my kids there one Thursday night when they first offered this. I picked out a tasty sandwich and blue organic chips and each of my kids picked out a kids meal. So me and 3 kids all had dinner for under $10! That's a steal! My kids enjoyed choosing their sandwiches and sides, and there are plenty of options too.

Earthfare is known for being the first grocery store to totally give the boot to High Fructose Corn Syrup, that means that out of all the hundreds of thousands of items they sell, not one contains high fructose corn syrup! This gives me such peace of mind and I'm so glad to see that they have such high standards for food. Earthfare also offers tons of organic products as well. Their blue organic chips are delish.

So next time you need a break from cooking but don't want to break the bank while trying to feed your family high quality food, bring them by Earthfare on Thursday between 4-8pm and let the kids eat free.

Go here for the details:

Check out to find a location near you:)

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