Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Double Your Savings

Yes, it is totally possible to save money and eat natural and organic food too. Occassionally, grocery stores have "double" or "triple" coupon event. Here in the Charlotte area, Harris Teeter will have a double coupon event August 11-August 17, 2010. Harris Teeter will double coupons everyday up to $.99, but this event is really great because they will double the amount of your coupon up to $1.98. So if you have a coupon for a product that is $1.50, then that will double to $3.00 off your item! Double your savings!

Check out Harris Teeter's website for their store policies regarding coupons:

Some places to find coupons:
-Your sunday newspaper
-Earthfare Grocery Store has a coupon booklet at their stores called "Mambo Sprouts", and have tons of great organic/natural food coupons
-Printable coupon websites-;
-Also visit your favorite food websites, they will sometimes have printable coupons.

Don't lug all of your coupons to Harris Teeter and do your matchups in the store... trust me, with my kids in tow, it's nearly impossible;) Instead see what the price of an item is easily by visiting Harris Teeter's website, under their Express Lane link. You can search for different items and see if it's on sale or not. Much quicker and easier than trying to locate it at the store.

Below I've matched up some great deals. The link below will bring you to the website that you can print the coupons. You can typically print 2 per computer. Please note, this is in the Charlotte area. Prices and participation may vary.

-Arrowhead Mills Organic Flax Seeds $2.85 - $1.00 coupon= $.85

-Blue Diamond Almond Breeze-Almond Milk $2.79- $1.00 coupon= $.79

-Grande Tortilla Chips $2.99- $1.00 coupon = $.99

-Kind Fruit & Nut Bar $1.67- $1.00 off 2 coupon= $1.34 for 2

-Kiss My Face Kids Toothpaste $3.49- $1.49 coupon= just $.51!

-Organic Valley Organic Cream Cheese $2.59- $1.00 coupon= $.59

-Organic Valley Organic Heavy Whipping Cream $2.35- $1.00 coupon= $.35!

-Apple & Eve Juice Boxes $2.99- $1.00 off 2= $3.98 for 2

-Stonyfield Farm Yogurt - Yo Kids Organic $3.99- $1.00 coupon= $1.99

If you have any great deals to share, or questions, feel free to post in the comment box below. Happy Savings! :)

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