Friday, August 13, 2010

Watermelon Fruit Basket

Who says fruit has to be boring? Presentation is everything;)
I remember this fun watermelon fruit basket from when I was a kid. I'd always see it at cookouts, and family get-togethers. There was something so appealing about it, and needless to say, my kids think it's the coolest thing.

We are celebrating my sons birthday and I needed something fun, and easy transport for the pool party. This was the first thing I thought of. It's healthy, festive, and perfect for these hot days.

Watermelon Fruit Basket:
(You can add tons of different fruits, I find that blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple work great too.)

First you will need to decide where to cut your watermelon. I made a 2" band down the center for the "handle" of the basket, then made a straight cut horizontally to make the openings in the watermelon, and removed the 2 large chunks. Then it was easier to make the decorative border by cutting small triangle wedges.
Once the watermelon basket is cut, you can use a melon baller (I just used a tablespoon used for measuring and it worked great) Use the melon baller, or tablespoon in my case, to scoop out the cantaloupe. Add the grapes, or other fruit you choose. Cover and refrigerate until' time to dig in. Enjoy:)

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