Monday, August 30, 2010

Felt Food Swap

My kids and I have fallen in love with felt food, and decided we wanted to grow our collection of adorable creations. So instead of having to buy 10 different colored pieces of felt, and 10 different colors of thread, and figuring out the patterns to make 10 different kinds of felt food, I had a felt food swap!

It's always nice to connect with other people that enjoy the same things as you, and I really love having a creative outlet.
To organize a felt food swap, you basically just need a handful of participants to commit to making a specific felt food, and a date a few weeks out to have the actual swap.

I organized this with some members of a local mom's group, and had 7 ladies total participate. Everyone chose what they wanted to make, and over the next few weeks everyone sewed together their chosen felt food (I made 7 sugar cookies). I reserved a room at the local library for an hour, so we could meet up, chat, and swap our handmade items. After the swap we all had an array of adorable felt food! It was really exciting to see everyone's hard work pay off, and the kids all loved it!

Look how cute everything turned out!

Handmade felt food items made by:
  • Carrots- Lindsay W.
  • Lettuce- Lisa M.
  • Bowtie Pasta and Pasta Bag- Hope
  • Pink Sugar Cookie- Kelly F.
  • Strawberries- Lauren
  • Fried Eggs- Michelle H.
  • Cinnamon Rolls- Krystin M. 

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